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If you’re a military family going through divorce, give us a call

Posted by on Dec 14, 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Imagine your typical divorce. Two people who have been married for a certain number of years finally realize that their relationship is untenable. They have been having marital issues for months (or maybe even years) and they file for divorce. From this point on, their life will never be the same. They have to divide their assets; they have children; and there are numerous other issues that will require them to be hands on and deal with the matter.Now take this scenario, and make the two spouses members of the military. How much more complex does it get? How much more difficult does it become for the spouses to complete their divorce? Military members have a host of different issues that make their divorce more complex than that of a non-military member. They may be out on deployment, making the legal issues very difficult to deal with. They may have special benefits relating to a deployment or an injury they received while on deployment that are not so easily divided. Or there could be other unique hardships that a military family is dealing with that other divorcing couples just don’t have to consider. These potential stumbling blocks for a military family going through divorce can be navigated. It just takes some time and legal help. We at Lynn Landis-Brown can help military families who are going through a divorce. Regardless of the situation, we will work hard for you to make sure that everything is handled properly and that your divorce is dealt with...

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