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Help Control Cost

The process of any family law dispute is difficult to experience. Divorce, child custody disputes, and other family law matters already come with a large emotional cost. Attorney Lynn Landis-Brown understands the expense that comes with divorce, and other family law matters. At the law offices of Lynn Landis-Brown, P.C., we work closely with you and provide you with numerous options to assist in controlling your legal costs.

Controlling Costs through Cooperation

The most effective way of controlling costs of your divorce is by reaching agreements with your spouse. Attorney Lynn Landis-Brown has embraced and promotes the power of mediation and collaborative law. These two models involve cooperation by both parties, which lays the foundation of reaching mutual agreements. The less disputed or contested issues there are, the less hours your attorney has to work on your matter. Cooperation saves time, and saving time saves money. Two cost-effective methods often used in the resolution of disputes are Mediation and Collaborative Law.

Mediation provides you and the opposing party in your matter to negotiate and come to an agreement without a judge making the decision for you. Not only is this a much more cost effective way of resolving your matter, but it also promotes a sense of compromise and willingness to work together. Often parties are more willing to follow agreements that are established during the mediation process, than orders that are issued by a judge. Family law attorney, Lynn Landis-Brown, encourages the use of mediation as a cost-effective dispute resolution method.

The collaborative law model provides the foundation for parties to work together with their attorneys to discuss and establish a joint agreement that is accepted by both parties. Lynn Landis-Brown is a strong believer in the collaborative model as a cost-effective method to resolve family law matters.

Work efficiently with your attorney

At the law offices of Lynn Landis-Brown, P.C., we often have multiple clients at any given time, and we strive to provide dedicated and individualized attention to each client. Therefore, we will often encourage you to assist your case by being actively involved in the progress of your matter. Controlling legal costs in your family law matter is strongly dependent upon your cooperation and preparation. We strive to work efficiently with you in order to meet the requirements set forth by court deadlines, requests for information, and preparation for court appointments and hearings. Some of the most efficient ways to assist us in reducing your legal costs are:

  • Be prepared for meetings with your attorney
  • Be on time for court appointments, meetings, and requests for information
  • Be honest and forthright
  • Promptly provide all documentation we may request
  • Handle as many tasks as possible yourself

We will often request specific documents or information from you well in advance. Your prompt response helps us to process the requested information or documents in a timely manner and allows for ample time to provide special attention to details that may not be found otherwise. Our mission at the law offices of Lynn Landis-Brown, P.C. is to provide you with the most accurate, cost-effective, and thorough legal advice and representation. Your efficiency and cooperation in working with your family law attorney and our staff will minimize attorney tasks, and save you money.

Where the Cost Comes From

Each family law matter is different in respect to cost, and we are unable to provide an estimate of your legal fees. The cost of your family law matter is based largely upon the hours that are worked on your case. Lynn Landis-Brown charges an hourly rate for her time, and a reduced fee for paralegal time, and those fees are established at the time you retain our family law firm.

Your legal fees are largely dependent upon the complexity of issues within your family law matter. Often times, issues arise during the course of a family law dispute that were not considered at the beginning, and those issues can either increase or decrease the cost of your matter. For instance, if the opposing party in your dispute becomes hostile, uncooperative, or unrealistic in negotiations, your legal costs may increase. However, if we are able to establish an efficient and cooperative communication, and the opposing party is reasonable during the negotiation process, your legal fees may decrease. Lynn Landis-Brown works closely with you and the opposing party to establish a professional and efficient line of communication, while presenting you with all available options to ensure your interests are fully protected. Each option will be presented with the cost-benefit analysis to help you understand how your legal fees and future finances will be affected.

Attorney fees will add up quickly even in a case with reasonable cooperation. Quality legal representation will more than pay for itself in the final outcome of the divorce if you remain reasonable and objective. In addition to the attorney fees that you will incur, there are court costs such as filing fees, service of process fees, guardian ad litem fees, mediator fees, and, in complex cases, expert consultants and witnesses.

Time Really is Money

Your fee arrangement with the family law offices of Lynn Landis-Brown, P.C. explains that your matter will be billed at an established hourly rate which will be broken down into 1/10’s of an hour. Therefore, all contact you have with our office will be applied to your billable time, whether that contact is via email, phone call, or in-person conference. Emailing or calling the attorney or paralegal daily, or several times per day, will quickly increase your legal expenses. The best way to control your costs when it comes to contact with our office is to take some time to organize your thoughts and questions prior to any meetings, phone conferences, or written correspondence to our office. This will allow us to address all of your questions or concerns in one email, phone conference, or in-person conference. Being well-prepared, working in conjunction with your legal team, and reaching agreements on as many issues as possible with your spouse will help to ensure you have a cost effective case.

There is no reasonable method of determining in advance how much your family law matter will cost. Each and every family law dispute is unique and has different factors that contribute to the costs associated with resolution of your matter. Often times, additional issues may arise throughout your matter that can either increase or decrease your projected legal costs. After an initial consultation, Lynn Landis-Brown will discuss a cost-benefit analysis of your matter, and may provide you with a projected range of what your family law matter may cost. However, that range often varies depending on the cooperation of the opposing party in your matter, as well as your personal cooperation and involvement in your matter.

At the family law offices of Lynn Landis-Brown, P.C., we will do our best to work with you in protecting your interests while providing you with continuous guidance on controlling costs. Keep in mind that the results of your family law matter are often a long-term resolution, and it is wise to invest in the experience of seasoned family law attorney, Lynn Landis-Brown, at the beginning of your matter, in order to protect your assets and interests for the future.

Setting reasonable expectations with your divorce attorney

One of the first and most important aspects of controlling costs in your family law matter is managing the expectations between you and your legal team. Walking into a family law dispute with expectations that whatever you believe is right or fair is what should happen may set you up for disappointment. At the law offices of Lynn Landis-Brown, P.C., we use our extensive experience to review the facts and issues in your matter and provide you with honest and reasonable expectations and options. While no attorney can provide you with a guaranteed outcome in your matter, Lynn Landis-Brown reviews all of your options, cost-benefit analysis of each option, and the possible outcomes that may come from pursuing various options.

The primary reason you hire a family law attorney is to have an advocate that will discuss the details of all of the issues in your matter and provide you with a full view of all of the legal remedies or ramifications that may apply. After an initial consultation, Lynn Landis-Brown will have a general synopsis of the complexity of your matter and can discuss the options available to you, as well as the cost-benefit analysis. Upon retaining the family law offices of Lynn Landis-Brown, P.C., we will establish an initial case meeting with you to discuss your matter in depth and review the goals and expectations of both you as a client, and your attorney.

Once you are a client of Lynn Landis-Brown, you are expected to be actively involved in your family law matter in order to maintain a sense of control. We at the law offices of Lynn Landis-Brown, P.C., are advocating for your interests, and in order to do so, we establish a relationship with you that is based on respect, trust, integrity, and effective communication. A good way to spend and waste a lot of money on attorneys fees is for you to give your attorney carte blanche authority to do whatever he or she wants and let your attorney churn a file without regard to the facts, the law or the consequences.

Of course, no reputable or respected attorney would ever do such a thing or allow his or her client to do so. If you have hired another attorney that insists on taking your case and “running with it,” you should run the other way.

Setting a reasonable budget with your divorce attorney

A budget does not mean a ceiling on attorney fees. Unless you have retained your family law attorney on a flat fee basis, there is no way any experienced and respected lawyer can tell you that your fees will not exceed a certain amount. The very nature of an hourly rates retainer is to only bill for the time spent on the divorce case. Since nobody has a crystal ball (despite what they may tell you) and cannot predict with certainty how the opposing party will react or cooperate during the process, there is simply no way to predict attorney fees. However, that does not mean a budget cannot reasonably be put together. Family law attorney, Lynn Landis-Brown will sit down with you and discuss in detail the value of assets at hand, the amount of support (both child support and spousal maintenance “alimony) that may be paid, and engage in a cost versus benefit analysis regarding each of those issues.

Additionally, if there are child custody issues in your family law matter, Lynn Landis-Brown will assist you in deciding what the core dispute is between you and the other parent are in order to determine whether or not there is a need for litigation of those issues, or if the issues are minor enough to be worked out through informal negotiations and settlement arrangements.

Lynn Landis-Brown understands the financial impact that any family law matter has on you, and works with you to understand all of the options available to you and the potential cost associated with each option. While we do our best to establish an estimate of what the legal costs may be in your family law matter, we can not guarantee exactly what the fees will be. Factors such as cooperation by opposing party, additional unanticipated issues, and your participation will all have a strong effect on the costs associated with the resolution of your matter.

Focusing on the most important issues first

Family law matters are often riddled with major and minor issues that need to be thoroughly addressed. Lynn Landis-Brown thoroughly reviews all of the issues in your matter to ensure that your interests are protected and all of your concerns are addressed. However, often the larger issues such as protection of retirement assets, financial investments, child custody, and support require a larger investment of time.

In order to assist in controlling the costs of your family law matter, we encourage you to focus on those major issues first. Many times these issues may involve the appointment or retention of various financial, business, vocational, medical, and mental health experts. These important issues often involve extensive evaluation, consideration, and negotiation to resolve. Once these items are resolved, our experience at the law offices of Lynn Landis-Brown, P.C., has shown us that the smaller issues, such as division of household effects, tend to seem a little easier and less time consuming to resolve.

Other significant issues that may arise in a family law matter may include the need for emergency orders due to unauthorized relocation of the child(ren), domestic violence or child abuse, or other issues that may potentially involve safety risks to you or the child. Lynn Landis-Brown will address all emergent issues as they arise and discuss with you what additional or different efforts may be needed and the cost-benefit of the various options available to you.

Seeking attorneys fees against your spouse

It is customary practice for attorneys to seek a reimbursement of fees from the opposing party on your behalf as a result of your needs and the opposing party’s ability to pay and to request sanctions, or punishments, against the opposing party for conduct that has unreasonably increased the fees and costs of litigation. Lynn Landis-Brown evaluates the fees and costs associated with your case, as well as the cooperation and conduct of the opposing party, and often requests attorney’s fees in matters that have undergone a costly litigation process.

In the event an expert witness or joint expert is required in your family law matter, Lynn-Landis-Brown often requests that any fees associated with the appointment or retention of that witness are either paid for by the opposing party or divided equally between the parties.

Managing communication between you and your attorney

Communication between you and the law offices of Lynn Landis-Brown, P.C. is well within your control. We understand that family law disputes are extremely stressful and often cause panic, emotional turmoil, and a sense of no control. While Lynn Landis-Brown and her staff are willing to assist you as much as you need, but you must understand that all communications are applied to your bill. Therefore, panicking often, being very high maintenance and constantly needing reassurance can break you financially, just as fast as making every minor issue a major one can. The pain, anger, betrayal, and hurt that is often associated with family law disputes can cause some of this, but so does not feeling in control.

We encourage you to take time to collect your thoughts, generate a list of questions and concerns and put these in writing. Doing this will often help you to see the question in front of you and determine if it is a significant issue that needs to be immediately addressed, or if it is an issue that can be addressed at your next meeting or phone conference. Also, collecting your thoughts, questions, and comments in one list will provide you with the opportunity to apply your own comments to each issue, allowing Lynn Landis-Brown to understand your position on each of the issues presented.

  • Communication with the family law offices of Lynn Landis-Brown, P.C. is not something that should take place every day. Either Ms. Landis-Brown, or a paralegal at our law office, will contact you with various updates on your matter, requests for information/documentation as needed, or to schedule appointments relating to the progress in your matter. The frequency of contact between you and our family law office should be limited to once per week if your case is not subject to an upcoming hearing, court appointment, settlement negotiations, or if no new and significant or emergent issues have arisen. If your matter is scheduled for an upcoming court appointment, hearing, mediation, settlement negotiation, court deadline, or if a new and significant or emergent issue has arisen, then you may be in contact with our office a little more frequently.

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