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Custody and Parenting Issues

Colorado Springs Child Custody Lawyer

Custody and Parenting IssuesIn Colorado as in other states, family law courts place top priority on the best interests of a child in matters of child custody and visitation. Officially known in Colorado as “parental rights and responsibilities,” this area of family law recognizes the importance of rich and significant relationships connecting children with both parents as well as extended family members on both sides of a family tree. Divorce or separation of parents does not negate or nullify these important family ties that contribute to a child’s sense of identity, security and well-being.

Prevent Child Custody Battles by First Understanding the Laws About Parenting Rights and Responsibilities

Through laws that award parenting time to divorcing, separating or never-married mothers and fathers, the Colorado Legislature informs family law courts that they need to foster time with both parents. Parenting plans approved by family law courts tend to differ significantly from one family to the next, depending on a child’s age and stage of development. Shared parenting rights and responsibilities will naturally look quite different for an infant than for a teenager, for example.

A child custody order should spell out where a child’s primary residence will be and when he or she will be with the other parent. This constitutes the physical custody portion of the parental rights and responsibilities equation.

The child custody order should also account for the decision-making aspect of parenting. Who will make decisions regarding medical treatment, extracurricular activities, summer camps and so on? This part of the equation is known as legal custody. Through joint legal custody, even a parent who does not provide the child’s primary residence can stay closely involved in guiding and protecting the child’s day-to-day life.

Seek Qualified Legal Counsel to Advocate for You and Your Children in All-Important Custody and Visitation

Colorado child custody lawyer Lynn Landis-Brown’s credentials in this area of family law are extensive. Both personally and professionally, Ms. Landis-Brown has a long track record of experience and a great storehouse of knowledge related to matters of parenting time for divorced and separated parents and their children. She is prepared to listen carefully to you to gain an in-depth understanding of your family’s lifestyle and dynamics when representing you in a child custody case. She has a great deal of experience helping parents navigate the system while taking into account special situations and factors, including:

Unique or particular family circumstances such as military service
Post-secondary education expenses (While these expenses are not accounted for in child support orders, how can property and debt division settlements be structured to provide for college tuition for a son or daughter?)
Medical marijuana use (Should a parent who legally holds a medical marijuana registry identification card and is listed on the confidential Medical Marijuana Registry be discriminated against in parenting time?)

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Get the help and advice you need regarding a Colorado divorce in connection with enforcement of court orders, child relocation, child support or modifications of custody orders. See our collection of online parenting tools that many separated and divorced parents have found helpful. Contact the law offices of Lynn Landis-Brown, P.C., to discuss parenting time concerns with an experienced Colorado Springs child custody attorney.