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Domestic Violence

Colorado Springs Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic violence can be defined as a means by which one party in a close relationship seeks to control the other. It often rears its ugly head as a couple approaches separation or divorce. Qualifying relationships include married couples, domestic partners (heterosexual or same-sex couples), romantically involved couples and parents of mutual children, even if they have not lived together.

What Does Domestic Violence Look Like?

Classic images of domestic violence include one spouse hitting or shoving the other in fits of anger, perhaps causing bruising or broken teeth or bones. In fact, domestic violence can include other types of contact such as:

  • Stalking in person or electronically
  • Psychological abuse resulting in lower self-esteem
  • Threats or intimidating verbal abuse
  • Forceful sexual contact

An abusive spouse or partner may exploit his or her intimate knowledge of the other’s personality to strike fear in areas of vulnerability.

Cycles of domestic violence have been well documented and often include:

  • Occurrence and recurrence of abuse
  • Remorse or contrition
  • A “making up” phase following abuse

Can Domestic Violence Be a Temporary Phase in a Relationship?

It is common for the partner who was abused to believe that “all is well” during the making up phase. If a restraining order is in place, the abused person may attempt to recant and have the protective order canceled. Once courts have put protective orders in place, however, the individuals involved generally cannot get those orders lifted simply by asking. Legal actions must take their course. Contact Lynn Landis-Brown, P.C., for advice and help if you need protection from an abusive spouse or partner.

Protect Your Rights if You Have Been Named the Aggressor

Beware the consequences if you have been named as an aggressor in a domestic violence case. Your child custody and visitation rights may be affected. You may have difficulty gaining access to your home and possessions. If your case reaches a criminal court, you may end up with a criminal record. You need top-notch legal advice as soon as possible.

A Knowledgeable and Experienced Lawyer Can Make the Difference in Your Case
Whether you have been targeted by acts of domestic violence or have been named in a restraining order, you should speak to a knowledgeable lawyer right away. Attorney Lynn Landis-Brown is a veteran registered nurse as well as a highly experienced family law attorney. She has helped many individuals, couples and families cope with difficult situations such as domestic violence. She is prepared to advocate on your behalf and help ensure that your rights are protected at every stage.

Castle Rock, Colorado, Restraining Order Attorney

Do you need a temporary protection order or wish to ask a judge to remove a temporary protection order that names you as an offender? At the law offices of Lynn Landis-Brown, P.C., we are committed to helping our clients confront domestic violence or dispute exaggerated claims of domestic violence. Our goal is a quick, satisfactory outcome for you. Contact a Colorado Springs domestic violence attorney for help and advice.

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