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Spousal and Child Support

Colorado Springs Spousal Support/Alimony Lawyer

As a component of a Colorado divorce, legal separation or annulment, a family law judge will decide whether to award spousal maintenance or spousal support to a wife or husband. Spousal support, also known as alimony, is intended to assist a spouse who cannot maintain a standard of living equivalent to what she or he was accustomed to before marriage on her or his own.

When Is Spousal Support a Factor in a Colorado Divorce?

Often, one spouse has become dependent on the other over the course of a marriage. The longer a marriage has lasted, the more likely it is that a family law court will award spousal support. In the case of a marriage that lasted 20 years or longer, lifelong spousal maintenance is a possibility for the dependent spouse. After a shorter marriage, temporary maintenance may be considered appropriate.

What Are Appropriate Amounts of Spousal Support?

State laws dictate applicable percentages of spousal support for couples with annual gross incomes of less than $75,000: namely, 40 percent of the higher-earning spouse’s income minus 50 percent of the lesser-earning spouse’s income. For couples with incomes higher than $75,000, there is no such formula. Rather, a Colorado family law judge will consider factors such as the financial resources of each person, the standard of living established during the marriage and other pertinent facts.

Serving Colorado Springs, Castle Rock • Alimony Attorney Lynn Landis-Brown

Because Colorado is a “no-fault divorce” state, questions of marital misconduct are often irrelevant when determining spousal support. This concept can be very difficult for a “wronged” spouse to comprehend. Other, less emotional factors, however, are likely to come into play, such as questions of tax consequences of spousal support versus property division. Questions may arise related to employment issues that may temporarily keep one spouse or both from earning at their full capacity. Divorce lawyer Lynn Landis-Brown advocates zealously on your behalf. She works to ensure that your interests are fully represented and protected throughout the process of determining and formalizing spousal support orders.

Contact Our Colorado Springs Family Law Firm for Counsel Regarding Spousal Support

At the law offices of Lynn Landis-Brown, P.C., we are committed to helping you through mediation or in court with regard to spousal support, property division or other aspects of a Colorado divorce. Contact a Colorado Springs spousal support attorney.


Colorado Springs Child Support Lawyer

Child support amounts in Colorado, as in other states, are usually determined by statutory formulas. Through these state-provided child support guidelines, the state Legislature has indicated to family law courts what it considers to be the minimal amount of support children need. This formulaic division of child support is essentially a “shared support” model, reflecting society’s stance that both parents are responsible for their children.

Do You Have Good Cause to Ask a Family Law Judge to Deviate From Standard Colorado Child Support Guidelines?

Sometimes, however, there are reasons to deviate from the state’s child support guidelines. An attorney representing the primary custodial parent may argue before the court that there is justification for higher levels of child support because of unusual medical expenses, transportation costs, private school costs or other special factors. If you will pay or receive child support in Colorado, it is worthwhile to consult with a family law attorney with extensive knowledge and experience in the area of exceptions to child support guideline amounts.

Taking Unique Circumstances Into Account in Child Support Cases

Every family has unique circumstances related to child custody and child support. Family law clients of Lynn Landis-Brown, P.C., rely on Ms. Landis-Brown’s in-depth understanding of the law as well as of family dynamics. Ensuring that special situations are reflected in child support orders is one of the many critical areas of family law handled by Colorado Springs child support attorney Lynn Landis-Brown. Fact-specific scenarios and special circumstances that sometimes come up in the area of child support include the following:

  • Generally, child support applies until a child is 19 years old in Colorado if a Colorado court has issued the support order. This time frame may be extended indefinitely for an adult disabled child.
  • Child support amounts are determined in part by what percentage of overnights a child spends with each parent. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the consequences of changes in child custody and visitation arrangements.
  • Child support orders are enforceable indefinitely. Therefore, it is prudent to keep well-organized documentation of child support paid or received. The state of Colorado has an agency that is charged with collecting child support. What the Family Support Registry reports as fact is presumed to be accurate. Nonetheless, parents should keep their own records in case of future challenges.
  • When parents are unmarried, separated or divorced before birth, the father is not required to pay child support before a child is born. However, he may be held accountable for expenses of the mother’s confinement and hospitalization.

Child Support Enforcement Attorney • Modifications • Child Relocation

Get the advice and advocacy you need to protect your children’s interests while protecting yourself when child support is a fact of life in your family. At the law offices of Lynn Landis-Brown, P.C., we are committed to helping you address individual child-related issues such as child support effectively and cost-efficiently. Contact our Colorado Springs law offices to discuss any concerns regarding child support with an experienced family law and divorce lawyer.

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