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Military Divorce Resources

Traumatic Brain Injury
This website is dedicated to the Traumatic Brain Injury Trust Fund Program. The program provides statewide care coordination and services to children and adults with TBI. The website has upcoming events, announcements, information on services offered and contact information for the program.

Operation TBI Freedom
This website is dedicated to a free statewide program that has helped more than 600 military personnel heal from TBI. The site includes information on how to apply for services, frequently asked questions, a link to donate, an event listing, success stories and tributes.

Brain Injury Association of America
This website gives information about the Brain Injury Association of America, along with BIA locations. The site provides a list of upcoming events, news, announcements and services along with ways to get involved.

Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury
Explains what the organization is, what it does and how. Provides information on getting involved and provider resources.

DVBIC – Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center
Explains the organization and provides resources for service members, veterans, family members, friends and providers along with a map directing you to the nearest DVBIC location.

Deployment Health Clinic Center – Emergency Health Concerns – TBI
This website provides information on traumatic brain injury. It provides a table of contents with links to information including background on TBI, clinical guidance for providers, policies and directions, forms and measures, education and training along with research data.

The Brain Injury Recovery Network
This website gives a complete overview of TBI along with helpful tools and resources such as brain training programs, discussion groups, a TBI newsletter, a support line and many other resources for victims of TBI.


VA Benefits
This website focuses on Veterans Healthcare. The site includes a veteran’s crisis hotline, news articles regarding veteran’s health, information about Veterans Health care, a link to apply for Health Benefits, location of providers for Veterans Healthcare and contact information.

VA Vocational Rehabilitation and Independent Living Services
This website is focused on military veterans achieving success outside of the military. The resources they have include a mentoring program, an online quick question community, job search help, vet success job listings, veteran news feed and an application for vet success services.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Department of Veterans’ Affairs with compensation benefit and pension information, health and life insurance and related information


24/7 Resource for Military Members, Spouses and Families
A website full of resources for military members and families with the most important feature of the site being the contact information for an immediate consultation with a military one source consultant. The site includes military news, podcasts, blogs, webinars, newsletters, video guides, discussion boards and external links to other military websites. The most important feature of the website is the contact information for an immediate consultation with a military one source consultant.

U.S. Department of Defense
This website provides current military news, explains the department of defense, discusses top military issues, provides links to external sites including the most popular and most requested, includes the 2013 Defense budget proposal, and other resources for military families.

Military Officers Association of America
This website is for military officers and it features legislative updates, news publications, a variety of services and a link to become a member.

U.S. Navy Official Site
U.S. Navy web site with a listing of all naval vessels, Navy bases, Navy news, blog, death benefits for veterans, and an active duty and retired member’s locator.

U.S. Army Official Site
U.S Army web site with access to Army publications (Army Echoes), information on USFSPA, SBP, military installations and bases and useful addresses and telephone numbers.

U.S. Coast Guard Official Site
U.S. Coast Guard site with information and services along with contact information for the Coast Guard.

DODEA – Department of Defense Education Activity
This website explains the Department of Defense Education Activity, provides resources for students and alumni, parents and the community, teachers and administrators as well as employees. The site provides contact information, DoDEA news, external websites and explains their current programs.

Fisher House Foundation – Hero Miles Program
This website is for the Hero Miles Program that provides plan tickets to wounded, injured and ill service members and their families.

FEMA – Field of Emergency Management – Be Ready, Homeland Security
This website offers a variety of resources and information to help you prepare for an emergency. The site includes tips, instructional videos, true life stories, how to get your kids involved and instructions on how to make a plan and build an emergency kit.

Joint Chiefs of Staff
This website gives current leadership information and biographies for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It also provides resources for warriors and families, external links, contact information, the top military media stories, as well as the key themes and goals for the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Military Home front US Department of Defense – Supporting Troops and their Families
This website is for official Military Community and Family Policy program information, resources and guidance to help troops and their families, leaders and service providers.

Military Installations
Source for installation and state resources for active duty, guard and reserve service and family members.

American Red Cross
This website provides resources to receive training to become a red cross volunteer, receive assistance, find a local red cross, news updates, videos of current red cross projects, links on how to get help and how to help the red cross. The site provides quick links to give blood, volunteer, take a class, shop and donate.

Operating Enduring Families – Information and Support for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans and their Families
This website outlines a five session family education and support program for returning military from Iraq and Afghanistan. The site includes goals of the project and a program overview of Operating Enduring Families.


ABA Family Law Section Military committee
This website is dedicated to a legal organization that focuses on military family law.

The Judge Advocate General’s Corps


DFAS – Defense Financing and Accounting Service
This website is a payment services website for military personnel by the Department of Defense. The site includes customer service information, quick links, a link to the my pay website, the latest DFAS news, and links to military pay charts, a Basic Housing Allowance calculator, COLA tables, sample military pension division order language, Survivor Benefit Plan, tax statement schedules and related external links.

DFAS – Leave and Earnings Statement
This website helps you understand your leave and earnings statement.

Publication 3 – Armed Forces Tax Guide
Armed Forces Tax Guide for use in preparing your 2011 tax return.

Military Pay and Benefits Website – by the Office of the Secretary of Defense
This website describes the types of military pay, types of military retirement, the different military benefits and has a retirement calculator for each type.

DFAS Military Retirement Homepage
This website provides information on how to apply, plan and manage your retirement account. They also have information on disability retirement; the latest news affecting your military retirement, blank forms for retirement and frequently asked questions.

DOD Financial Management Regulation, Volume 7B, Chapter 29 “Former Spouse Payments from Retired Pay”
This regulation lays out what DFAS requires to pay the former spouse a share of the military retirement.


This website provides Tricare news updates, and quick links to resources for staff, providers, vendors, and media, along with the tricare patient portal, frequently asked questions, forms, and contact information.

Military health benefits information, forms, contact information and coverage information.

Military Health System U.S. Department of Defense
Explains the Military Health System and all its facets, provides resources such as education and training in the MHS, news and multimedia links, MHS research projects. The website features a blog, topic index and a list of Military Health System Organizations.


ESGR – Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve
This website provides current news updates, programs in support of the Guard and Reserve, resources for service members, employers and volunteers, information on becoming a volunteer and contact information for ESGR.

ESGR – Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA)
This website provides an explanation of the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 along with external links to the exact law. The site provides USERRA handouts, sample letters and forms, external links and USERRA support and contact information.

Reserve Affairs
Reserve Affairs provides information about the different programs you can be apart of, news affecting reserve affairs, benefits your eligible for, information on family readiness, mobilization and reserve affairs in the media.

Tricare Reserve
Tricare Reserve provides details on when members of the National Guard and Reserve will be eligible for the pre-activation benefit of Tricare.


Spouse Career Center
The Spouse Career Center is provided by military onesource. It includes interactive tools for career exploration, education & training, employment readiness, career connections and a phone number to contact a career consultant.

Uniformed Services Former Spouses Protection Act (USFSPA)
The Uniformed Services Former Spouses Protection Act permits but does not require state courts to divide military retirement upon divorce, legal separation or annulment. 10 U.S. Code § 1408

DFAS – Garnishment – Uniformed Services Former Spouses Protection Act
This website explains the Uniformed Services Former Spouses Protection Act, the Military Members Rights, the 10/10 rule and state jurisdiction. The site also provides links on how to apply for the distribution of military retired pay to spouse or former spouse, the maximum payment you will receive, how to receive, attorney instructions and frequently asked questions.

Survivor Benefits
This website provides helpful information on SBP, Thrift Savings Plans, retirement, pay and allowances, wounded warrior SCAADL calculators, and other helpful tools and charts.

Military Spouse Residence Relief Act
The Military Spouse Residence Relief Act provides military spouses with essentially identical rights as service members on the domicile issue as outlined in the Service Member’s Civil Relief Act.


Service member’s Civil Relief Act
This site gives an overview of the Service member’s Civil Relief Act. 50 U.S. Code App. § 571

American Bar Association – The Home Front Service Member’s Civil Relief Act
SCRA (Service Member’s Civil Relief Act) information from the American Bar association.

JAG – Service Member’s Civil Relief Act
This website contains a link to the Service Member’s Civil Relief Act and frequently asked questions for the Service Member’s Civil Relief Act.

Local Military Legal Assistance Offices:
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Phone: 719-556-4871, DSN 834-4871

Schriever AFB
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210 Falcon Parkway, Suite 2104
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Phone: 719-567-5050, DSN 560-5050

USAF Academy
2304 Cadet Drive Suite 2100
Colorado Springs, CO 80840
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Fort Carson Legal Assistance Office
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