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Divorce/Legal Separation/Annulment

Colorado Springs Divorce Lawyer

Experts say that divorce is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life, second only to the death of a child. Not only is it a very emotional loss for many people, but it is also financially challenging in most cases.

When one household is divided into two, it suggests a lower standard of living for each spouse. The legal and practical aspects of divorce can be very expensive. It is very important to work with a seasoned Colorado family law attorney who understands the need to economize through the process wherever possible, while at the same time advising you on ways to protect your long-term financial well-being. Contact attorney Lynn Landis-Brown at our Colorado divorce law firm to learn more about how we can help you.

Solving Legal Separation and Annulment Issues in Colorado

Legal Options During Divorce/Legal Separation/Annulment

If you have any questions regarding your family law dispute, attorney Lynn Landis-Brown will discuss your legal options surrounding issues such as:

Child Custody and Child Support
Spousal Support/Alimony
Decree Modifications
• Visitation
Property and Debt Division
Collaborative Divorce Law
Divorce Mediation
• Legal Separation
“How Long will my Divorce Take?”

Why Is Divorce So Challenging?

Every marriage, every couple and every divorce are unique. In general, however, it is most often very painful when either spouse fundamentally rejects the other. Moving forward from the pain of separation is emotionally difficult for many people. Sometimes domestic violence is an urgent practical and legal concern. At the same time, divorce requires some important, life-changing and long-lasting decisions: Where to live? How to share parenting? How to divide assets? How to become financially independent after being accustomed to interdependence in marriage?

Colorado Springs and Castle Rock • Legal Separation and Annulment • An Attorney You Can Trust

Colorado divorce attorney Lynn Landis-Brown offers clients the benefits of a rare combination of relevant personal and professional experience. As a divorcee, a child of divorced parents and a stepparent for three decades, she has lived almost every role involved in a marital breakup. She brings a wealth of practical skills from her previous careers as a registered nurse and a business professional.

At our law firm, we are experienced at helping individuals through very complex divorces. We have the skills to properly value and divide business assets. Our team will also thoroughly investigate your situation in order to uncover any hidden assets the other side may be trying to keep from you.

Colorado Springs Divorce Attorney Advises on Military Divorce

There are many unique aspects to military divorce. How will you handle military benefits? Child custody matters can be complicated by changes in military duty stations. At Lynn Landis-Brown, P.C., we fully address how these issues affect your circumstances and ways to maximize opportunities to protect your interests.

Contact a Colorado Springs Divorce Lawyer

If you are planning to file for divorce and you seek an attorney who truly cares about the well-being of her clients, contact an experienced divorce attorney at the law offices of Lynn Landis-Brown for a consultation and case evaluation.

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